Sunday, July 9, 2017

Quake Chase 2017!!! Hayward, California For Next Big San Francisco Earthquake???

Well, we do at least know for sure there's a big one headed directly for the San Francisco Bay Region once again. . . just a matter of it it looks to be big enough that it's worthy of my next "Quake Chase" to the Bay Area!!!

Wasn't all that big and impressive of a landfall at the South of Japan where all such Quake Chases originate, but was a direct hit there and winds were reported up to 95 Miles Per Hour!!! AND the "Straight-Line" does head directly across the Pacific. . . for SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!

Just a little to the north and crosses just a little to the East there, so let's try Hayward, California!!! Short easy ride on the Bay Area Rapid Transit or from "SFO" that's San Francisco International Airport or whatever those letters might stand for exactly!

Stay tuned and see if this next upcoming Medium Sized Earthquake doesn't hit directly around July 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25. . . The July New Moon Window!!!

Last trip during such a similar "Full Moon Supermoon Window" was very, very close when big one struck Napa, California on August 24 just a few days after I was there and actually during following New Moon Window!!!!!

NOW that's one of the things I still need to do on next trip whenever it may be whether it's this one or the next is to check out "PATH" the bus to Napa from Northern most point on the BART at El Cerritos, California and back on the return trip!!!

Until then be watching because this is a direct hit. . . and it will be very soon regardless if Quake Chaser is there or not!!!


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